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GUM® Oral Care Cleaning Kit Zoom

GUM® Oral Care Cleaning Kit

SKU# 832RB
The GUM® Oral Care Cleaning Kit includes three professional-quality dental instruments that, when used correctly, can help maintain a high level of personal oral hygiene at home. The instruments help you to view inside your mouth and to remove food particles and deposits of dental plaque and calculus. The kit consists of a lighted mouth mirror, a dental explorer, and a scaling instrument.

The high-intensity and anti-fog design of the lighted mouth mirror allows maximum vision, reflecting light onto hard-to-see areas. The mouth mirror may also be used to retract the tongue, lips, and cheeks for better inspection of areas obscured by these tissues.

The dental explorer is helpful in removing trapped food particles between teeth, under the wires and brackets of an orthodontic appliance, and around fixed dentures and bridges. Care should be exercised so as not to probe any white spots and cavities in the teeth with the sharp tip. The advice of a dental professional should be sought immediately if you see any new white spots or cavities that your dentist may not be monitoring.

The third prophylactic instrument in the GUM® Oral Care Cleaning Kit is the scaling instrument. Its sharp tip can help remove stains and deposits of dental plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces situated above the gumline.

All instruments in the GUM® Oral Care Cleaning Kit possess soft rubber grips that provide comfort and control in the mouth. Maintain your schedule of regular dental checkups.

Get to know the inside of your mouth and monitor your oral hygiene. Don’t forget to use GUM® toothbrushes and between-teeth cleaning aids for great oral hygiene!


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Product Attributes
    The lighted mouth mirror with a high-intensity and anti-fog design provides illumination for dark areas and helps retract the tongue, lips, and cheeks to help you see the sides of the teeth and gums.
    The dental explorer can help remove trapped food debris and particles that between-teeth cleaning aids may leave behind.
    The scaling instrument helps the removal of stains and deposits of dental plaque and calculus above the gumline.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 7
    By : starpower
    5 GUM Oral Care Cleaning Kit

    I am very happy with this product. It works great!

    By : Forpeople
    5 Best home mirror ever
    Home dental tools leave a bit to be desired and these were not something over which I fell in love. Even so, they were above average for these types of home tools. The mirror is definitely worth raving about! It is lighted and very high quality for home use! The mirror by itself is worth the amount charged for this set.
    By : Eew
    1 Great
    The best product ever!
    By : jackknife
    5 lighted mirror
    This product is very good for inspecting your teeth. It allows you to be able to see inside your mouth. I have 4 of these items 1 for each medicine cabinet, 1 in my overnight kit and 1 in my tool box for working in small dark areas that can not be otherwise looked at and/or repaired.
    By : Audrey
    5 Oral Care Cleaning Kit
    My mouth feel just-visit-the-dentist clean!
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