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GUM® PerioBalance® is a probiotic developed to reduce harmful dental plaque and promote healthy teeth and gums when taken daily. The mint lozenges contain a unique blend of naturally occurring probiotics known as Prodentis™, which help to reduce dental plaque buildup by creating a balanced oral environment with daily use. GUM® PerioBalance® promotes a healthy mouth and freshens the breath.

A balanced oral environment is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Your mouth contains over 700 types of bacteria that in normal conditions are well balanced and work together as a natural defense system.  Stress, illness, poor diets or inadequate oral hygiene can disrupt this protective oral balance and allow harmful bacteria to proliferate, causing plaque buildup, gum disease and bad breath.

Clinical studies performed by dentists have demonstrated the positive effect on gum health. GUM® PerioBalance® has been shown to reduce plaque by 42% after just 28 days of use. GUM® PerioBalance® is a new breakthrough in oral care, designed to rebalance the oral environment, to reduce the bad bacteria, and to promote healthier teeth and gums.

GUM® PerioBalance® strengthens the natural defense mechanisms of the mouth and helps maintain protection against oral health problems and bad mouth odor. 28 days to healthier gums!

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Clinical results have shown positive changes in gum health in just 28 days.
GUM® PerioBalance® is the only product containing the proprietary probiotic Prodentis™ (Lactobacillus Reuteri Prodentis).
Clinical studies have shown 42% plaque reduction, positive changes in gum health and overall oral health in just 28 days!
Pleasant tasting to freshen breath.

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5 relief

this stuff worked instantly, After the first lozenge my mouth sores went away and did not come back... only small complaint is that the mint flavour is very strong and hard on the taste buds.. I suspect I may have to keep using this product for a while, but worth it because the inside of my mouth feels so much better..

By :
Doni Qazi
5 Mrs.

Periobalance tasted really bad and took forever to dissolve in the mouth.I understand that its a natural product but if the consumer has to use it regularly than the taste needs to be better than this.

By :
5 Better Checkups

I purchased the lozenges about 5 weeks go. When I started used them consistently and had my 90 day perio check up, my hygenist said that areas she was watching to see if there was any further inflammation showed signs of major improvement and the one area that caused her concern was no longer on her list of concerns. She is impressed with the improvement; using Periobalance is the only thing I am doing differently.

By :
5 gum periobalance

i have been using periobalance for 4 months now. my hygenist said my teeth were cleaner then they have ever been in the past.i take it at night after brushin and flossing,the taste is cool and clean,very refreshing.i am going to continue to use this product..

By :
Saunders Mom
5 It Worked!

My periodondist found a pocket that had serious problem. He injected an antibotic into the pocket and set an appointment for a month. In the meantime I started using PERIOBALANCE. When I went back for my next appointment he had all his tools laid out to do surgery, BUT when he examined the spot he'd look at his notes, then the spot, then the notes, etc. Finally he conceded that he didn't need to do surgery and sent me on my way, while he scratched his head! Since then exams with my hygienist has shown even more improvement in my numbers. This is the best product ever. Oh, I use it at bedtime so I get the maximum effect.

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