GUM® Protect® Toothbrush Covers

GUM® Protect® Toothbrush Covers


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GUM® Protect toothbrush covers protect any manual toothbrush and helps keep the brush head hygienically clean. The toothbrush covers can be used at home, or outside the home for travel, work, school or camping.

The GUM® Protect® toothbrush covers easily snap into place. The cover has an antibacterial coating to keep it cleaner between uses. The cover is ventilated to allow the covered brush head to dry between uses.

Regular and thorough oral hygiene is as essential when away from home as it is when at home. GUM® Protect® toothbrush covers are designed for easy and compact packing while keeping your toothbrush clean and hygienic.

Don't forget to pack your dental floss or interdental brush to maintain between-teeth cleaning also! Your dental professionals would be pleased to know you can keep up your oral hygiene regimen wherever in the world you may be, or plan to go.

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GUM® Protect® toothbrush covers can be used anywhere.
Antibacterial protection keeps cover cleaner. Cover keeps brush head hygienically clean and protected in a ventilated environment.

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5 Nice Cover!

I didn't think a cover could be good for my toothbrush until I read that this cover has anti-bacterial qualities. I have one on every toothbrush now!

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5 Very Sanitary

These toothbrush covers are so much better than the ones you usually see that slide over the top of the toothbrush. The other kind have a huge gap in the bottom where dirt can get in and they can easily fall off. These ones snap into place to keep your brush clean no matter what! I have them on all of my toothbrushes, even the ones that don't travel!

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