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GUM® Stimulator

The GUM® Stimulator has been designed by dental professionals to promote healthy and firm gums by massaging the gingival tissues and stimulating the blood flow. The GUM® Stimulator is a traditional method to maintain your gums in good health.

The GUM® Stimulator consists of two separate parts: a comfortable ergonomic anodized aluminum handle and a replaceable synthetic rubber tip stimulator. The slender, angled neck of the GUM® Stimulator handle ensures access all around the mouth. The nonslip handle provides a steady grip and precision control. The GUM® Stimulator rubber tip massages the gums and helps to dislodge food particles and dental plaque to clean between the teeth.

Professionally designed to massage and stimulate the gums.

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Product Attributes
    Massages and stimulates the gums.
    Increases the blood circulation. Promotes firm and healthy gums.
    Synthetic, conical-shaped rubber tip to reach into the spaces between the teeth. Replacement tips available.
    Unique slender angled neck for precision control and greater reach to the back of your mouth with minimum effort.
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 21
    By : YING YU
    4 GUM stimulator meets NuSkin mouthwash

    My dentist suggested me to take the 10 loose teeth out before 10 yrs.

    In 2004 I started to use the direct-selling advanced oral care system from NuSkin and in 2009 I started to use GUM stimulator with NuSkin mouthwash(24hrs anti-virus) and I put the tip into the mouthwash and from tooth to tooth to massage the gums.

    The 10 years passed away, but my 10 loose teeth are still there. I appreciate the teeth keepers (GUM + NUSKIN).

    By : Louise Reynolds
    5 Poor Fit

    The rubber tip does not go over the hump of the handle the way it used to, so it comes off while using it. I have used the GUM Stimulator since December 2006, and it was an easy to use, excellent product until two or maybe three years ago, when, perhaps for lower cost, the mold was changed, making the tip impossible to go over the hump of handle which kept it secure. Now it is an inferior product. You made taking care of our gums more difficult than it needs to be. I want the original, better type tips back

    By : James
    1 Great product

    I have been this product with great success for almost 40 years.

    By : James
    4 38 Years of help for my gums

    I rate this as a five star product. At the age of 23, I went to a new dentist. He said I had 5 MM pockets on just about all my molars. One of the products recommended was the gum stimulator. I use the gum stimulator since 1974. I was successful in reversing the pockets and I still use the product today. My own issue is most stores no longer carry the tip refills. My opinion - this product has been a critical part of excellent dental for me. It helped me reverse trend that could have caused me to have tooth loss. Thanks GUM!

    By : KC
    5 Gums feel better

    The stimulator was recommended by my hygienist and I like the way it's making my gums feel better!

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