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The GUM® Flossmate floss handle is designed to make between-teeth cleaning simple, fast and effective. The GUM® Flossmate holds the floss at the right tension in an easy-to-grip handle allowing you to focus on the cleaning action between the teeth, rather than managing the floss around your fingers. Flossing will remove dental plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by toothbrushing alone. Mastering the flossing technique can be challenging--using the GUM® Flossmate floss handle simplifies between-tooth cleaning.

The GUM® Flossmate floss handle is easy to load—simply wrap your selected floss around the prongs. The curved handle allows easy access right to the back of the mouth with a one-handed technique.

Clean between the teeth with GUM® dental floss at least once per day to remove dental plaque from areas not reached by toothbrushing alone and where tooth decay and gum disease often occur!

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Flossing removes plaque not reached by toothbrushing alone.
‘Y’ – shaped molded handle provides excellent support and control while flossing enabling access and thorough cleaning between all teeth.

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1 GUM Flossmate

I am an oral cancer survivor. My oral hygiene is extensive to continue to maintain my teeth after radiation therapy. The floss handle I had for many years finally broke so I purchased GUM Flossmate Floss Handle. Unfortunately this handle is too short (I limited ability to open my mouth as a side effect of radiation treatment) , the grooves for the floss are not deep enough to maintain tension ( the floss slips off) and the "fingers" curve to deep. I am very very disappointed and would not recommend this handle. Please consider changing the design and adding measurements in the description of your flosser

By :
5 Dave

This is a FANTASTIC product. They're very durable but do break after several hundred uses. So here I am in a hotel room tonight and it breaks! 4 nights until I get back home to my much easier to deal with the chore of flossing with this handy item. Murphy's Law, so carry the extra if you travel a lot!

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1 Excellent Product if you can find it

I broke my flossmate last week. It was actually branded as a Butler product when I bought it, so it's lasted quite a while. I can't find any in the stores so I'll be buying online. And yes, when you buy stock up!!! It works great, and it's more environmentally friendly than buying bag after bag of those disposable flossers. It's been a week, and i really miss this thing

By :
Jon S
5 Excellent Product:

This is an excellent product. It is the ONLY floss handle that you can control the tension of the floss and with my teeth that makes a BIG difference. Would rank it five stars if I could find this procuct in stores. Best to stock-up on, because after a lot of us they can brake and take it from me you will miss this product.

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5 Save your fingertips

This product works great for flossing with REAL dental floss and not haveing to cut off the blood supply to your fingertips.

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