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GUM® Snap>Ons Refills, Ultra Fine Zoom

GUM® Snap-Ons Refills, Ultra Fine

SKU# 424C-C

GUM® Snap-Ons Refills, Ultra Fine load into Single-Ended or Dual-Ended Snap-On handle. Box of 24 Refills.

The 622 and 624 Snap-On SKUs are no longer available. The 422 and 424 SKUs below are smaller in size than the 622 and 624.

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Product Attributes
        Antibacterial Bristle Protection.
         Helps brush stay cleaner between uses.*
    Easy to Use.
    Snap-On refills are easy to load into handle.
    Available in Cylindrical and Tapered Designs.
    Recommended by Dental Professionals.
    Sold in box of 24 refills
     *Bristles incorporate a patented antibacterial agent for continuous bristle protection during the recommended life of the brush. Bacterial growth that may affect the bristles is inhibited. The agent in the bristles does not protect against disease. As always, rinse your brush after use.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 51
    By : Ulta fine Snap ons
    2 Snap on Refills, Ultra fine

    Wished there was one step up from these. Find them to narrow to do cleaning I prefer

    By : pdel
    2 Why?
    Why did you discontinue the 622/624 refills? I have no use for your other products.
    By : Luigi
    4 Proabrush Snap-ons
    Bring back the 622/624 snap on re-fills. They were quite useful.
    By : Ken
    3 Snap on brushes
    What happened to the full line of snap on brush sizes?? They are much more durable and usable than the wire ones. Please respond, Gum Brands!
    By : Tim
    5 Superior Product
    My wife much prefers these snap-on types to the disposable ones or the simple wire ones. They are effective and long-lasting.
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