GUM® Snap>Ons Refills, Ultra Fine

GUM® Snap-Ons Refills, Ultra Fine


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GUM® Snap-Ons Refills, Ultra Fine load into Single-Ended or Dual-Ended Snap-On handle. Box of 24 Refills.
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    Antibacterial Bristle Protection.
     Helps brush stay cleaner between uses.*
Easy to Use.
Snap-On refills are easy to load into handle.
Available in Cylindrical and Tapered Designs.
Recommended by Dental Professionals.
Sold in box of 24 refills
 *Bristles incorporate a patented antibacterial agent for continuous bristle protection during the recommended life of the brush. Bacterial growth that may affect the bristles is inhibited. The agent in the bristles does not protect against disease. As always, rinse your brush after use.

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Number of Reviews: 45
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5 snap-on brushes

I can't buy these brushes in the store. I was so relieved to find them here! Can't live without them!!! Thank you for having these available.

By :
1 Don't waste your money

Don't waste your money on these, the brush bend to easy and the brushes are not ultra fine as advertise.

By :
4 Tapered Snap-ons

I have used these for several years and have received excellent reviews from my dentist about the lack of tartar build-up.

By :
1 yellow tips way too small

Thought I was getting red tips; Ultra fine is no joke; they get lost between my teeth. Would like to trade them in on the red tip size...

By :
5 Great product

Really like how my gums and benefit from using the Gum interdental brush. Great product and service.

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