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GUM® Super Tip® Toothbrush, Compact Soft


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GUM® Super Tip® Toothbrush, Compact Soft provides a multi-level whole mouth cleaning plus a tongue cleaner for fresh breath.

The GUM® Super Tip® toothbrush is specially designed to clean the hard-to-reach areas at the back of the mouth, including erupting or erupted third molars (wisdom teeth that emerge around 18–22 years of age). This hard-to-reach area can easily allow a buildup of dental plaque in areas that dentists and dental hygienists are particularly concerned about as plaque buildup here may result in periodontal inflammation and infections.

The unique brush head consists of three bristle types. The seven tufts of raised Super Tip® bristles are configured so that the tip of the brush head can reach deeper into the hard-to-reach areas toward the back of the mouth. Their increased length helps reach around and behind the end teeth right at the back of the mouth, which are hard to reach. The regular bristles forming the main part of the brush head are soft and gentle with a Dome-Trim® shape to enable cleaning under the gumline, while the bristles on the periphery clean the tooth surfaces and massage the gums.

The back of the brush head has a ridged tongue cleaner that will remove odor-causing bacteria from the surface of the tongue and will stimulate and clean the surfaces of the cheeks during toothbrushing.

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Super Tip® for cleaning and plaque removal at the back of the mouth and around the wisdom teeth. Clean the surface of the tongue at least once a day.

Price $1.99

Dome-Trim® Bristle Design.
Unique, raised-center Dome-Trim® bristles clinically proven to clean below the gum line where periodontal disease starts.*
Dome Trim
Super Tip® Bristles
Super Tip® bristles clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Cleans 2.8x better along the gum line versus the leading toothbrush.*
Outer Bristles
Outer bristles clean the tooth surface and massage gums.
Sold in package of 1 toothbrush
Recommended by dental professionals
Comfort-Grip Handle
Ergonomic, comfortable and easy-to-hold handle.

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Number of Reviews: 11
By :
5 good toothbrush

Very good toothbrush that we have used for a long time, worth the trouble of ordering online, can't buy them in the stores.

By :
4 Toothbrush my mouth's size!

I was given one of these toothbrushes at my dentist's office and then couldn't find them in the drugstore. The smaller size head fits perfectly in my mouth. So I was glad I got the info to order from you directly!

By :
5 Bring back the old model

Used these for a long time. Was disappointed but the replacement of the serrated thumb grip by a smooth surface. Now the brush slips in my fingers. Will not buy again until old grip restored.

By :
5 Best Toothbrush

I have used these toothbrushes for years. These combined with daily flossing, allow me to only visit the dentist once every FIVE YEARS! This is my dentist's decision, not mine. Take good care of your teeth, and they will take care of you.

By :
5 Could be a bit wider

I like REGULAR toothbrushes, I feel the "toothbrush design war" has gotten completely out of hand. You don't need beveled-bristle this and wear-guide that and tongue-scrubber this... you just need a good, solid, brush that fits inside your mouth, and can reach around those back wisdom teeth (for those of us that still have them.) This is a good, solid brush that does exactly that. But it would be a bit wider, would give it better coverage. I know I could just buy a wider brush, but then I'll have to deal with roller-coaster brush profiles, wear guides, etc etc etc.

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