Super Tip® Sub-compact Toothbrush

GUM® Super Tip® Subcompact Toothbrush


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The GUM® Super Tip® subcompact toothbrush is specially designed to clean the hard-to-reach areas at the back of the mouth where the permanent second molars emerge. This hard-to-reach area can easily allow a buildup of dental plaque in areas that dentists and dental hygienists are particularly concerned about as plaque buildup here may result in periodontal inflammation and infections.

The unique brush head consists of three bristle types. The seven tufts of raised Super Tip® bristles are configured so that the tip of the brush head can reach deeper into the hard-to-reach areas toward the back of the mouth. Their increased length helps reach around and behind the end teeth right at the back of the mouth, which are hard to reach. The regular bristles forming the main part of the brush head are soft and gentle with a Dome Trim® shape to enable cleaning under the gumline, while the bristles on the periphery clean the tooth surfaces and massage the gums.

The GUM® Super Tip® subcompact toothbrush is ideal for tweens and those aged 10+ years.

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Super Tip® subcompact toothbrush for thorough cleaning and plaque removal right to the back of the mouth.

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Brush with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, twice a day.
The Super Tip® bristles clean right to the very back of the mouth.
The Dome Trim® design enables cleaning under the gumline.
The outer bristles clean tooth surfaces and massage gums.
The Super Tip® tufts of bristles can reach around behind the back teeth.
Rubberized thumb pads for firm grip and precision control.

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Number of Reviews: 4
By :
5 Not only for Tweens

I'm a petite adult with a small mouth, and this toothbrush is a perfect match for me! Handle is also a good shape even for my elderly mother. Have used it for years!

By :
Dr Pill
5 the ultimate Super Tip

This toothbrush is compact best for hard to reach area - not just for teens and kids. Gums at the back of the mouth where most problem occurs, this item is best choice. Am a Pharmacist, and i ordered a bunch for personal use. My number one favorite. The brush is soft with nicely design handle and ... like it says...super tip.

By :
5 Super Tip® Subcompact Toothbrush

Exactly what I wanted. Can't find it in retail stores anymore. GUM sent it quickly. Thanks!

By :
5 Dr.

Very good product, use it everyday.

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