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GUM® Eez-Thru® Flossers, 90 ct. Mint Zoom

GUM® Professional Clean Flossers, 90 ct. Mint

SKU# 893D
GUM® Professional Clean Flossers are designed to make between-teeth cleaning simple, fast, and effective by holding the floss at the right tension with an easy-to-grip handle, allowing you to focus on the cleaning action between your teeth rather than managing the floss around your fingers. Flossing will remove dental plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by toothbrushing alone. If dental plaque is not removed frequently, it can cause inflammation of the gums and may lead to gum disease. Mastering the flossing technique can be challenging—using Flossers simplifies between-teeth cleaning.

GUM® Professional Clean Flossers have easy-to-control and ergonomically shaped handles preloaded with GUM® Eez-Thru® dental floss. GUM® Eez-Thru® dental floss has a satin-like finish that is extremely soft and gentle and resists shredding, breaking and sagging. The floss easily slides into position under the gumline and then removes the dental plaque not removed by regular toothbrushing. Between-teeth cleaning is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists to remove the dental plaque between the teeth that toothbrushes alone cannot reach.

GUM® Professional Clean Flossers have a mint flavor to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Clean between the teeth with GUM® Professional Clean Flossers at least once per day to remove dental plaque from areas not reached by toothbrushing alone and where tooth decay and gum disease often occur!

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Product Attributes
    Flossing removes plaque not reached by toothbrushing alone.
    A molded F-shaped handle provides excellent support and control while flossing enables access and thorough cleaning between all teeth.
    Exceptional-quality shred-resistant string floss is gentle to gums. Satin-like finish provides nonstick lubrication for easy sliding through even the tightest contacts.
    GUM® Professional Clean Flossers leave you feeling extra fresh and clean!
    They are compact and unobtrusive–can easily be carried in a pocket or a purse.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 7
    By : Glen Fukunaga
    5 great

    Easy to use and cleans well

    By : Floss-efer
    3 Could improve
    Pros: Strong floss string. Only the model mentioned "Shred-resistant floss", not the one that label was deleted. Cons: Extra sharp tip. Pokes fingers when reaching in the bag. Non-ergonomic, short handle. Hard to reach last teeth. Made in CHINA worries me about the integrity of plastic material used. Sugary taste. I hope manufacturer doesn't add sugar to the mint flavor. Defeats the purpose of cleaning. Get rid of sugar flavor. All and all, with some improvement, it can be a god floss.
    By : Floss-efer
    1 Extremely sharp end
    Pros: 1)Very strong string (only the type that mentions "Shred-resistant floss, Extra Strong Floss", not the later ones that the "Shred-resistant label was deleted) Cons: 1) Very sharp point, poking & bleeding our fingers when we reach into the bag. This could be a health hazard. Try smoothing the sharp tip. 2) Short & non-ergonomic Handle, hard to reach last teeth. 3) Tastes Shugary. I hope manufacturer does not add sugar to the mint flavor. Defeats the purpose of cleaning.Wwe don't need to deposit sugar between our teeth. 4) Made in CHINA makes me worried about the plastic material used in the floss. All and all,with some improvements and price reduction it can be a very good floss.
    By : brittle
    5 these break
    The string on the flossers always pulls out of the plastic. You need at least two per flossing. The generic brands are better.
    By : trial user
    5 bad floss
    Very bad floss sticks. they are not 'easy thru' at all for me. I am tossing out the bag and going back to Dentek.
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