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GUM® PerioShield™ Oral Health Rinse

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GUM® PerioShield™ is a next generation oral health rinse with plaque-blocking technology. The active ingredient, delmopinol 0.2%, interferes with dental plaque formation so that it cannot adhere well to the tooth surface, and existing deposits of plaque are loosened and may be dislodged very easily.

GUM® PerioShield™ rinse has been extensively tested by dentists and scientists in 29 clinical and laboratory studies and has shown consistent reductions in dental plaque buildup and improvements in bleeding gums by up to 36%.

Many oral rinses have an antibacterial action. They are able to reduce and kill some, but not all, bacteria and can therefore reduce dental plaque and bleeding gums. The unique difference that GUM® PerioShield™ provides is that it has little or no effect on the growth and reproduction of the bacteria–it simply stops them forming plaque and sticking to the tooth surface in the first place. This anti-plaque action is only found in GUM® PerioShield™ oral rinse.

GUM® PerioShield™ should be used twice a day, immediately after toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning.

A breakthrough technology in oral rinses! Use twice a day after toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning to protect the teeth and gums and repel dental plaque.

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Product Attributes
    GUM® PerioShield™ breaks down the dental plaque composition. It prevents new plaque from forming and creates an invisible shield around the teeth and gums. Promotes healthy mouth, gums, and teeth!
    Clinical results show a reduction of plaque build-up and bleeding gums by up to 36%.* To date, 29 clinical studies, including a meta-analysis, have been performed around the world demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of delmopinol, the active ingredient in GUM® PerioShield™.
    Minimal alcohol content (1.5%). Long term use shows insignificant staining.
    *Lang NP, Hase JC, Grassi M, et al. Plaque formation and gingivitis after supervised mouthrinsing with 0.2% delmopinol hydrochloride, 0.2% chlorhexidine digluconate and placebo fro 6 months. Oral Diseases 1998;4:105-113.
    PerioShield Oral Health Rinse Mechanism of Action
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 37
    By : Gum Brand Mouthwash
    5 THe Bomb

    This mouthwash is awesome.

    I love it

    By : Gregg
    5 PerioShield Rinse

    Really like this rinse. First time user and am ordering more. Looking forward to next visit to dentist to see what results have occurred.

    By : Thomas

    The Bomb

    By : suzanne
    5 gumperioshield

    excellent product recommended by my dentist.

    By : YaYa
    5 Dentist approves

    Started using this after having braces removed. Hard to clean under the braces and my hygienist found plaque when I went in for the cleaning. I usually don't have a problem. The next visit, no plaque, and the probe measurement showed my gums had actually moved up, from 4 to 2and 3. Excellent. A bit pricey for what you get. And I can't find it anywhere except online which means it cost more because of shipping.

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