End-Tuft Toothbrush

GUM® End Tuft Toothbrush



The GUM® End Tuft toothbrush is clinically designed for hard-to-reach or simply difficult-to-clean areas where the dental plaque buildup will become harmful to teeth or gums.

The small round brush head comprises seven tufts of tightly packed soft nylon bristles, trimmed so the bristles in the center can reach deeper into small spaces. The brush handle is ergonomically designed for a firm grip, giving the control and precision necessary to clean where most other cleaning aids cannot reach.

Dentists and dental hygienists recommend the GUM® End Tuft toothbrush for their patients who have the following:

  • Exposed spaces between the roots of molar teeth due to periodontitis and gum recession, keeping furcations clean
  • Complex fixed dentures, bridges or dental implants that are inherently hard to clean
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Difficulty in cleaning the back surfaces of the last teeth at the end of the dental arch at the back of the mouth
  • Other hard-to-reach areas that they only your dentist or dental hygienist can identify

Use the GUM® End Tuft toothbrush in addition to your normal toothbrush and between-teeth cleaning aids to clean those hard-to-reach and difficult-to-clean areas.

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Price $2.99

Reaches where regular brushes cannot.
Target hard-to-reach areas.
Precision cleaning in designated hard-to-reach areas.

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Number of Reviews: 59
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5 Wonderful brush

This is one of the best toothbrushes ever--hard to find in stores. I will not mention how long I've used the one I currently have--it is probably causing more problems in my mouth--bristles are so worn. I thought it was past time to check on line for this product.

By :
2 Awesome Tool

I didn't even know this existed and have been unable to purchase it, but this is a great tool for maintenance! If you have a small mouth and a hard time reaching those trouble spots, this is the tool for you! I just wish that I could buy it in my local area. Any ideas?

By :
gum disease poster child
4 best helper

end tuft brush, recommended by periodontist,fabulous at getting beneath my gums. I floss and then dry brush with it each night before bed. Have had great checkups since.

By :
2 End Tuft that's hard to find

I have been using this brush style for years for those hard to reach places caused by crooked teeth. There just isn't a store that carries them in my town. I am so glad I could find them on your site.

By :
2 Item 308, End-tuft brush: It works!

After periodontal surgery, my dentist gave me this brush to help keep the area clean. It's really effective: small enough to fit into the space and soft enough to feel comfortable to use.

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