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GUM® End Tuft Toothbrush


The GUM® End Tuft toothbrush is clinically designed for hard-to-reach or simply difficult-to-clean areas where the dental plaque buildup will become harmful to teeth or gums.

The small round brush head comprises seven tufts of tightly packed soft nylon bristles, trimmed so the bristles in the center can reach deeper into small spaces. The brush handle is ergonomically designed for a firm grip, giving the control and precision necessary to clean where most other cleaning aids cannot reach.

Dentists and dental hygienists recommend the GUM® End Tuft toothbrush for their patients who have the following:

  • Exposed spaces between the roots of molar teeth due to periodontitis and gum recession, keeping furcations clean
  • Complex fixed dentures, bridges or dental implants that are inherently hard to clean
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Difficulty in cleaning the back surfaces of the last teeth at the end of the dental arch at the back of the mouth
  • Other hard-to-reach areas that they only your dentist or dental hygienist can identify

Use the GUM® End Tuft toothbrush in addition to your normal toothbrush and between-teeth cleaning aids to clean those hard-to-reach and difficult-to-clean areas.

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Product Attributes
    Reaches where regular brushes cannot.
    Target hard-to-reach areas.
    Precision cleaning in designated hard-to-reach areas.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 72
    By : Jane
    5 Good product
    The end tuft toothbrush from GUM is a necessary tool to keep a healthy, clean set of teeth. The style and size is perfect for Hard to clean spaces.
    By : SirSoiaz
    5 A great addition to periodontal health plan!
    After having major periodontal surgery, this brush was introduced to me by my dental tech. Massaging my gums daily with an end tuft brush, along with twice daily brushing and flossing has kept my perio disease from returning.
    By : James
    5 gum-saver
    Literally rejuvenates the gum for healthier teeth - totally eliminates bleeding during teeth cleaning. A regimen of daily use of this specialty brush makes a marked difference in over-all health.
    By : Jeannette
    5 End tuft toothbrush
    I love my little tuft brush. I have used it everyday. I also dip it into a mouthwash for extra freshness. Thanks to who ever came up with this little brush.
    By : AJ
    5 Excellent
    Great product!! Arrived in good condition and delivery was fast.
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