GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner

GUM® Dual Action Tongue Cleaner


SKU# 760RB

The GUM® dual action tongue cleaner efficiently removes dental plaque, food debris, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. One side of the tongue cleaner consists of two rows of bristles that reach into the tiny folds and crevices on the tongue surface to dislodge the dental plaque and debris. The other side of the cleaner consists of two rows of scrapers that remove the loosened plaque and debris for thorough cleaning.

Clinical research has shown that most of the bacteria in the mouth live on the surface of the tongue, and that the tongue is one of the most common sources of oral malodor. Regular tongue cleaning, as part of a daily oral hygiene regimen, reduces oral malodor.

The GUM® dual action tongue cleaner has a narrow head that is comfortable and minimizes sensitivity and the gag reflex. The long handle provides easy access to the far-back areas of the tongue. The comfort grip handle design enables firm control and precision guidance for both brushing and scraping actions.

Dual action for thorough, deep, and gentle tongue cleaning! Include tongue cleaning as part of your twice daily toothbrushing and once daily between-teeth cleaning regimen.

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Most of the bacteria and dental plaque in the mouth reside on the surface of the tongue.
The combined actions of brush and scraper effectively loosen and then remove plaque and food debris from the tongue surface.
Most oral malodor originates from the surface of the tongue. Regular cleaning reduces odor-causing bacteria.
Greater support and control while brushing and scraping. Enables access right to the back where most odor-causing bacteria reside.

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Number of Reviews: 17
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5 Best I've Found

This is the best tongue cleaner I have found. I wish I could purchase it locally instead of on the web.

By :
5 Best Tongue Cleaner Ever

I started using this product about 3 yrs ago. And all I can say is that it is the best tongue cleaner in the world. The product is also long lasting. Definitely worth the buy!

By :
5 Steven

Like this product very much it gives my tongue a very clean feeling.

By :
4 I Love it

This tongue cleaner is the best one I tried so far and I love it. I just mad that I can't buy it @ a store anymore.

By :
4 Best on the Market!

First I wet the brush and press the bristles to get the stiffness loosened up, then stroke tongue back to front to loosen the film. Scraping is very easy and quick and very effective. A brilliant convenient design.

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