GUM® Rincinol® Mouth Rinse

GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. Mouth Sore Rinse


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GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse is an aloe vera based formulation that helps promote the healing of aphthous ulcers, irritations from orthodontic appliances and removable dentures, and minor cuts and abrasions. GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse creates a thin, invisible, bioadhesive protective barrier which shields the sensitive nerve-endings from irritants such as food, drinks, braces, or dentures.

GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse provides fast and effective pain relief up to six hours. Unlike many other mouth sore gels and rinses, GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. does not contain benzocaine which numbs the whole mouth or alcohol that stings on application.

Mouth ulcers are not generally a significant risk to your oral health. However, if you have severe and frequently recurring mouth sores or if they do not heal within 10 days, consult your dentist or physician.

Rinse the pain away in 60 seconds! Fast healing and recovery from mouth and gum sores! No stinging or burning sensation.

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GUM® Rincinol® P.R.N. mouth sore rinse creates a thin, invisible, bioadhesive protective barrier that shields the sores from irritants.
Aloe vera gel promotes the healing process.
Easily applied by rinsing for 60 seconds without stinging or burning sensations.
Formulated to provide fast relief.
Also available in gel form – see GUM® Canker-X® Gel.

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By :
5 Great

This product was given to me by my dentist!! It absolutely calm any sore you might have in your mouth!!!

By :
happy customer
5 Rincinol

I purchased this as I have I had a sore cheekbite. It not only soothed and healed it, but it also soothed my sore mouth from the Lichen Planus I have. My gums felt tighter too. I had great results at the periodontist and I am convinced it was the rincinol. I am thrilled I tried this product and have told everyone about it!

By :
5 it really works!!!

I had horrible aphthous ulcers in the back of my throat & tongue. I had tried everything and was still in so much pain! Me left ear even hurt because of them! Talking & eating were painful. In purchased this product and was amazed at the relief I had!!! Thank you for making a great OTC product like Rincinol!

By :
Delores L Stephens (Dillie)
5 Great product...hard to find

mI had dental surgery several years ago & was searching for anything to relieve the raw sore pain. I purchased this product & used it for 3 or 4 days & my mouth had healed enough that it no longer was unbearable. I had been using some terrible tasting liquid prescribed by my surgeon that burned gave me dry mouth &the liquids I was able to drink it made that taste bitter. This Rincinol is a great product, it is not sold in my home town, but worth a 42 mile drive for me, to purchase. Stock up when you find it....this is what I do.

By :
5 Rincinol - Great Product

Rincinol is a great product for any kind of mouth relief.

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