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GUM® Technique® Sensitive Care Toothbrush with Bonus SOFT-PICKS® Zoom

GUM® Technique® Sensitive Care Toothbrush, Full Ultra Soft with Bonus SOFT-PICKS®


The GUM® Technique® Sensitive Care is the toothbrush that has been clinically designed to be gentle on sensitive gums and teeth, while removing dental plaque and cleaning without compromise.

The Quad-Grip® handle has a unique design that helps you always hold the brush the way most dental professionals do–at 45 degrees. Whether you are left- or right-handed or brushing upper or lower teeth, the handle intuitively helps you form the 45-degree angle that is more effective at cleaning away the dental plaque from both gums and teeth. This makes sure you have the right dental “technique”, essential as sensitive gums and teeth are often caused by harmful brushing actions.

The bristles are very fine in diameter and ultra-soft in texture to be extra gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. On the surface of the brush head, the tufts of bristles are formed with a unique raised-center, the Dome Trim® bristle design, that has been clinically proven to clean below the gumline where periodontal disease starts.* The outer row of bristles are angled to increase their reach and penetration between the teeth for improved cleaning and plaque removal.


  • SOFT-PICKS® - Between Teeth Cleaners
  •  — 76 soft, flexible bristles slide between teeth to help remove food and plaque
  •  — Recommended by dentists and hygienists
  •  — Comfortable rubber bristles massage and stimulat gums

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Technique® Sensitive Care toothbrush for effective plaque removal between the teeth, beneath the gumline, and right at the back of the mouth.

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Product Attributes
    Dome Trim® Bristles.
    Unique, raised-center Dome-Trim® bristles clinically proven to clean below the gum line where periodontal disease starts.*
    Tapered Head and Bristles.
    Tapered and rounded head provides easy access and maneuverability to safely reach posterior areas, while tapered and texturized bristles lift and remove plaque.
    Ultra-Soft Bristles.
    Ultra-soft bristles are soft on teeth and gums and effectively remove plaque.
    Interdental Design.
    Interdental design gently removes plaque between teeth.
    *Data on file.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 10
    By : Charles
    5 Winning combo

    This brush offers a combination of features that I find unbeatable in the dental market today. The shaped, large head with the ultrasoft bristles provide the most comfortable and yet most thorough cleaning possible. I am able to reach all of my wisdom teeth and effectively brush at any angle. I have a great deal of gum recession and the softness of a toothbrush is a major factor for me. This brush presents the kindest stroke out there. A winner on all counts!

    By : Piet
    5 user

    I need a softer than normal brush and this fits the bill precisely.

    By : G
    5 good purchase

    cleans well and is very gentle on my gums !

    By : smileforme
    5 Excellent

    Great sensitive brush. Can only find Gum online, I order a few varieties at a time.

    By : John
    5 Great, fantastic, just what I searched so long for.
    Fantastic. Nice big head, lots of bristles, domed bristle pattern works good for me. Nice and soft. I had a sensitivity problem and an erosion problem. So first I focused on fixing the cause of that, periodontal disease. But while I was waiting for that fix to happen, I used a post-surgical, soft as air, brush. But that did not clean well. Brushes that are just really, really soft are just not going to clean as well. As my sensitivity and erosion problems abated by the benefit of periodontal treatments, I switched to this brush which is still super soft but just a little firmer than post-surgical brushes. It worked great. But now that my sensitivity and erosion problems are less, I want to find something just a bit firmer. The customer service people here are helping me find the right brush. Customer service at this website has been fantastic! I was not sure what to get and they sent me samples. That helped immensely. I wish all companies were this great. I just can't say enough good things about them and also about the products.
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