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  • Sea Friends® Toothbrush

    GUM® Sea Friends® Toothbrush

    SKU # 220RB

    Let’s go under the sea! Dome Trim® bristles are clinically proven to clean below the gum line and a colorful, easy grip handle gives children brushing better control.
  • GUM® Crayola™ Marker Toothbrush

    GUM® Crayola™ Marker Toothbrush-Twin Pack

    SKU # 227KKA

    A colorful cleaning experience! Unique, angled brush head design cleans between teeth and raised tip bristles clean hard to reach posterior teeth.
  • GUM® Star Wars™ Manual Toothbrushes

    GUM® Star Wars™ Manual Toothbrushes

    SKU # 4010VA

    Ergonomically designed handle makes it easy for children to hold while Dome Trim® Bristle Design is clinically proven to provide exceptional plaque removal.
  • Li'l Safari Friends® Toothbrush

    GUM® Li'l Safari Friends® Toothbrush

    SKU # 219RA

    Fun, safari themed characters encourage early brushing habits while soft bristles on a small tapered head allow for a gentle cleaning.
  • Razzle Dazzle® Toothbrush

    GUM® Razzle Dazzle® Toothbrush

    SKU # 217P

    Bring some sparkle to the brushing experience! Super Tip® bristles clean hard-to-reach posterior areas and a soft rubber handle provides a comfortable grip.
  • GUM® Dinosaur Train™ Manual Toothbrushes

    GUM® Dinosaur Train™ Toothbrush

    SKU # 4000V

    Brush with Buddy and Tiny! Ultra-soft bristles on a narrow, tapered brush head promote a gentle and effective clean.
  • GUM® Crayola™ SQUEEZE-A-COLOR Toothpaste

    GUM® Crayola™ SQUEEZE-A-COLOR Toothpaste

    SKU # 4050RA

    Make brush time - fun time! Three cool colors and yummy flavors empower kids to get creative choosing and mixing their toothpaste, plus it contains the fluoride they need.
  • GUM® Crayola™ Power Toothbrush

    GUM® Crayola™ Power Toothbrush

    SKU # 2272R

    Oscillating bristle action massages gums while soft bristles gently clean teeth PLUS included stickers allow children to get creative and customize their brush!
  • Scene-Sations Toothbrush

    GUM® Scene-Sations Toothbrush

    SKU # 225R

    Scene-sational! Aquatic scenes on brightly colored handles are a great way to get children excited for brush time and a narrow, tapered head with ultra-soft bristles makes brushing easier
  • GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks™ Twinpack Toothbrush

    GUM® Crayola™ Pip-Squeaks™ Toothbrush

    SKU # 232KK

    Pip-Squeaks™ faces in fun Crayola™ colors makes brushing fun while ultra-soft are gentle on young teeth and gums.
  • Technique® Kids Toothbrush

    GUM® Technique® Kids Toothbrush

    SKU # 221PC

    Features a unique, cushioned grip handle helps kids place bristles at a 45 degree angle for optimal, below the gum line, cleaning.
  • GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light Toothbrush

    GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light Toothbrush

    SKU # 202RJ

    Ready, Set, Glow! Colored LED lights flash for 60 seconds to help kids brush longer while the Dome Trim® bristle design helps clean below the gum line.
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