GUM® Crayola™ Power Toothbrush

GUM® Crayola™ Power Toothbrush


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The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush is a colorful way to educate your child about the importance of twice daily toothbrushing, the prevention of plaque buildup and the foundations for a lifelong healthy mouth. The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush makes toothbrushing fun, easy, and motivating with its colorful marker-shaped design and battery-powered oscillating bristle action.

The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush oscillating bristle action cleans between teeth and removes dental plaque and food particles. The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush has a small brush head which makes brushing comfortable and easily cleans hard-to-reach areas at the back of small mouths.

The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush offers an excellent adaptation to the small size of the child’s hand and is easy to hold while brushing. The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush stands-up on its own due to the suction cup base which reduces counter-top clutter and helps keep the brush head dry and clean. Comes with a ventilated cap to help keep brush head clean, and protected when packed for travel.

The GUM® Crayola™ Power toothbrush includes 75 entertaining stickers for personalization of the toothbrush and is offered in four Crayola™ colors.

A fun and motivating battery-powered toothbrush for children 5-10 years old! Use twice a day, morning and night to stay on the right course for a lifelong healthy mouth.

Price $5.99

Twice daily toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste helps protect against cavities.
Marker-shaped handle and battery-powered oscillating head makes brushing fun, entertaining, and motivating. Available in four Crayola™ colors, and can be personalized with any of the 75 stickers included.
Gentle to the child’s developing teeth and gums.
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Stands up on its own reducing counter-top clutter and keeping the brush head dry and clean.
Requires no charging. Batteries are not replaceable or removable.

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Overall Rating:
Number of Reviews: 15
By :
Keith Kruse
1 Disappointed that it doesn't work properly

Purchased two of these for my son at Target. Neither of them worked properly. Press the button to turn the toothbrush on and it comes on. But then you can't shut it off unless you remove the batteries. Very disappointing.

By :
2 Bummed

The BEST size battery-operated toothbrush for little mouths, but incredibly wasteful unit. 3 out of 4 toothbrushes stopped working within 7 weeks and new batteries did not solve the problem. I'm bummed -- the kids love them because they are comfortable -- but won't be buying any more...

By :
Mom of 2
1 Battery died fast

I have purchased these before an pd was happy. I got them for Easter and both died with in days. I had to replace the batteries in both.

By :
Big Daddy
3 Good but not enviromentally freindly

My son LOVES the toothbrush, and I'm absolutely certain he's spending longer, and being more thorough brushing than he did with the manual brush.

HOWEVER, the fact that this large unit is "disposable" (with no indication of the type or hazards of the battery) isn't in keeping with the values I'd like to teach him.

By :
4 No replacement Head

Why, oh why, wouldn't you provide a replacement head?? My kids are chewers, so the head doesn't last 2-3 months. It's a perfect size, but a total waste to throw it away when it needs a new head.

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