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GUM® Micro Tip® Toothbrush Zoom

GUM® Micro Tip® Toothbrush

SKU# 470RD-C
The GUM® Micro Tip® toothbrush was developed in collaboration with dental professionals to create a complete brushing experience.

First, the bristles have two distinctly different features using the latest manufacturing technologies:

  • "Micro-feathering” splits each bristle filament into two-to-seven very fine endings that create up to 70% more contact area that enables soft and very gentle cleaning over a broader area.
  • Regular-shaped tapered bristles are narrow at the tip to reach deeper below the gumline and in the hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth, and have a textured surface to disrupt dental plaque and increase cleaning power.

Second, the head of the brush combines a Dome Trim® design with an interdental-cut bristle trim for the inside rows to create a unique configuration that:

  • specifically enables the bristles to reach under the gumline at the 45-degree angle recommended and used by most dental professionals, and
  • aligns with the overall tooth contours enabling the longer bristles to reach into the interdental spaces while shorter bristles clean the curvature of each tooth.

Brush twice daily with GUM® Micro Tip toothbrush for deep and effective plaque removal between the teeth and beneath the gumline.

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Product Attributes
    Feather-tipped bristles increase contact with the tooth and gums by up to 70%. More effective, soft and gentle cleaning with less pressure .
    MT 1.jpg
    Tapered ends and textured surfaces reach plaque and clean it away.
    Bristles reach under the gumline and between the teeth.
    Dome Trim
    Available in:
    • Full head size with selection of soft or sensitive texture bristles.
    • Compact head size with selection of soft or sensitive texture bristles.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 68
    By : John
    3 #516 brush is much better

    Great company, but they missed on this brush. It's the handle, as mentioned in other reviews. I can't keep the bristles pointed where I need them to brush. Handle not the right shape, too slippery. The 516 has a great, ergonomic, ambidextrous handle. The bristles and head shape on this one are otherwise very good. The bristles on the 516 are about the same but the pattern of bristles on the 516 is a bit more domed. But otherwise the heads are equivalent. I ordered the full head size with ultra soft bristles which was equivalent to the "sensitive" firmness on the 470.

    By : right
    4 off
    Seems to clean pretty well.
    By : Sheilah
    5 My Favorite!
    This is my absolute favorite toothbrush! I love the design, the compact head, and the four seasonal colors it comes in (red for Christmas and Valentine's Day December thru February, green for spring and St. Patty's Day March thru May, blue for the summer sky and water!, and orange for the fall leaves September thru November). It is just perfect.
    By : Muffy
    5 Muffy
    I was very glad to find these online since I have been unable to find them in any retail store. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and am only comfortable brushing with the compact head toothbrush ~ what a find!
    By : Phil
    2 Excellent Brush Head - Very Poor Handle Design
    The head on this toothbrush is one of the best I have ever used. Unfortunately, it is negated by the new rounder handle design. Slippery and very difficult to hold at proper angle. Handle on previous model was excellent (rectangular with rounded edges - easy to hold and control). I won't be getting any more of these unless the handle design improves dramatically, hopefully like it used to be.
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