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GUM® Post-Surgical Toothbrush

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After oral surgery it is important to keep your mouth clean, especially to help the wound heal uneventfully. Your oral surgeon, dentist or dental hygienist will have given you individualized advice about how to look after the surgical wound as it heals. The GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush has been designed with those instructions in mind so you can keep the healing wound clean.

The main purpose of the GUM® Post-surgical toothbrush is to be very gentle but highly effective in removing dental plaque and food debris from near the healing wound and any sutures keeping the wound closed.

Use the GUM® Post-surgical toothbrush as instructed by your dental professional until your surgical site is fully healed. Do not forget to perform your normal oral hygiene routine of toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning for all teeth and gums not involved in the surgery. This not only keeps the rest of your mouth clean and healthy but also helps reduce the buildup of potentially infectious bacteria around the surgical site.

Being so soft and gentle, the GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush can be used around mouth irritations and ulcers and to clean exposed roots that may have sensitivity.

Use the GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush as directed by you dental professional.

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Product Attributes
    Ultra-soft and extremely fine bristles.
    Specially designed handle to allow precision placement and gentle cleaning.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 33
    By : nana
    5 brenda
    my favorite toothbrushes
    By : TJF
    5 Great for Post-Radiation Head & Neck Patients
    This toothbrush is the SOFTEST ever with bristles that are flexible enough to still clean the teeth and gums. Especially beneficial after radiation treatment that affects the mouth ~ Being able to brush and clean the teeth and gums thouroughly without doing further damage is a huge benefit. Thank you Butler GUM. This is about the tenth one we've tried and thankfully it is now the last !!!
    By : Forpeople
    5 Great brush for super sensitive areas
    This is a great brush for super sensitive areas. I used it after an extraction and when I had some severe problems around an implant. In both cases, this brush did the trick. The brush is probably too soft to be used on a regular basis for everyday brushing. For super sensitive areas, it can't be beat. Best ever.
    By : Lourdes
    5 Mrs
    Excellent even if you dont had a surgery. Allow you to massage the gum softly. I love it
    By : AnnB
    3 too soft for me
    I get that this is a toothbrush for post-surgical patients. I ordered ten, big mistake as it is way too soft for me. Has a very small head as well. For the right needs, it's probably great, but not for me.
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