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Sulcus Brush Zoom

GUM® Sulcus Toothbrush

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The GUM® Sulcus brush is a specialized brush for cleaning and removing dental plaque from inflamed or sensitive gums while reaching below the gumline into the sulcus.

The GUM® Sulcus brush consists of two rows of ultra-soft bristles to form a reduced contact area with the gums. This smaller brush head enables cleaning directed at the gingival sulcus itself, avoiding obstacles such as restorations and orthodontic appliances. The GUM® Sulcus brush has ultra-soft bristles that are gentle on inflamed and sensitive gums but highly effective in sweeping away dental plaque.

This specialty brush should be used in accordance with your dental professional’s recommended technique and together with other regular toothbrushes and between-teeth cleaning aids to ensure a completely clean and fresh mouth.

Brush twice daily to take good care of your dental health! Use the GUM® Sulcus brush as recommended by your dental professional.

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Product Attributes
    Extra-gentle to clean areas as directed by your dental professional.
    Small brush head configured into only two-rows of bristles to limit contact with inflamed or sensitive gums.
    Ultra-soft bristles designed for their gentle nature and to be gentle on sensitive gum tissues.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 7
    By : Dick
    5 Sucrus

    For those of us who have partial denatl plates, this is the only tooth brush product that gets between the teeth an really cleans.

    By : Rita
    3 love it

    This brush is so gentle on my gums and cleans easily the narrowest spaces. I received my best dental checkup in years the last time. It's very comfortable to use as well.

    By : Skamp
    4 Sulcus Brush is Excellent

    I had reconstructive surgery to my lower lip due to cancer many years ago and this is the first product that has really helped me maintain the areas in front of my lower teeth where a lot the trauma was. I recommend it to anyone who needs to better maintain their gum line.

    By : gloria
    5 sulcus brush

    this was given to me by my dentist. After using this for 6 months, my last checkup had little tartar build up and my cleaning didn't take as long.

    By : kathy
    4 mrs

    love this brush. only thing more i could ask is that it were also available in medium stiffness instead of only soft.

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