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Dome Trim® Toothbrush Zoom

GUM® Dome Trim® Toothbrush

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The GUM® Dome Trim® toothbrush has been clinically designed for thorough removal of dental plaque from under the gumline where gum disease starts and for gently cleaning between the teeth so you can enjoy healthy gums and a great clean feeling.

The brush head features the Dome Trim® bristle design. The raised center bristles have been trimmed to form a dome shape that provides greater contact with the tooth surface and reaches under the gum line. When the toothbrush is angled at the widely recommended 45 degrees to the tooth (Bass technique), the bristles can easily reach under the gumline and into the sulcus to clean away dental plaque. The outer row of bristles is slightly more flexible than the center rows so that the soft, more flexible bristles will gently clean under the gumline while the center, slightly stiffer rows will clean the tooth surfaces.

The modern Comfort-Grip Handle with wide thumb support provides excellent adaptation to the hand and adds comfort and control while brushing. It helps to position the toothbrush at the proper 45-degree angle for optimal and easy cleaning in hard to reach areas, especially under the gumline.

The GUM® Dome Trim® toothbrush has been clinically evaluated and shown to improve gum health by reducing gingival inflammation and bleeding.*

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Dome Trim ® toothbrush for effective plaque removal beneath the gumline.

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Product Attributes
    Reaches under the gumline.
    To clean below the gumline and to reduce gingival inflammation and bleeding.*
    Dome-Trim® enables the brush to be angled 45-degrees to the long-axis of the tooth.
    Dome Trim
    Tapered and textured bristle tips for enhanced plaque removal. Softer outer bristles to gently reach under the gums, center regular bristles to clean tooth surfaces.
    Available in:
    • Full head size with soft texture bristles
    • Compact head size with selection of soft or sensitive texture bristles.
    *Reynolds HS, Andreana S, Zambon JJ. Butler GUM® Toothbrushes - A microbiological and clinical study. J Dent Res, Abstract #1452, 1998.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 9
    By : smile
    5 Excellent
    Now I know exactly where to purchase sensitive, compact head toothbrushes. Just like my dentist gives me at cleanings. I can now have fresh ones in between visits. I appreciate how I can customize the head size and bristle type. Thank you
    By : Allan
    5 Dome Trim High-Quality and Firmness
    Most toothbrushes are more firm than they need to be, eroding enamel and harming gum tissue in brushing. The Dome Trim toothbrush is exactly the correct firmness to keep your teeth clean and stimulate gum tissue. It was introduced to me through a former dentist and I buy them as 'gifts' to friends who agree.
    By : Beth
    5 Dome Trims are great
    This is the best toothbrush I have ever found. It is shaped perfectly for holding and for comfort while brushing my teeth.
    By : Bonkers
    5 Dome Trim Ultra Soft compact toothbrush
    Excellent product. It was recommended by my Hygienist to protect from getting receding gum disease. Fast delivery!
    By : rob
    1 Nice toothbrush
    Good toothbrush that works the way dentists tell you to brush your teeth.
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