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GUM® Technique® Toothbrush

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The GUM® Technique® toothbrush features a unique handle designed to help position the brush so that the bristles reach under the gumline and where dental plaque can build up and cause gingival inflammation leading to gum diseases.

The Quad-Grip® handle has a unique design that helps you always hold the brush the way most dental professionals do–at 45 degrees. Whether you are left- or right-handed, brushing upper or lower teeth, the handle intuitively helps you form the 45-degree angle that is more effective at cleaning away the dental plaque from both gums and teeth. This makes sure you have the right dental “technique.”

The brush head features the Dome Trim® bristle design. The raised center bristles have been trimmed to form a dome shape that provides greater contact with the tooth surface and reaches under the gum line. When the toothbrush is angled at the widely recommended 45 degrees to the tooth (Bass technique), the bristles can easily reach under the gumline and into the sulcus to clean away dental plaque. The outer row of bristles is slightly more flexible than the center rows so that the soft, more flexible bristles will gently clean under the gum while the center, slightly stiffer rows will clean the tooth surfaces.

Together the design of both the handle and the brush head help you clean in those areas where gum disease often starts–under the gumline.

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Technique® toothbrush for effective plaque removal beneath the gumline.

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Product Attributes
    The unique Quad-Grip® handle helps you clean the most critical areas and lets the bristles reach the plaque under the gumline.
    For effective cleaning under the gumline.
    Dome Trim
    Available in:
    Full head size with sensitive texture bristles.
    Compact head size with selection of soft or sensitive texture bristles.
Product's Review
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    Overall Rating:
    Number of Reviews: 15
    By : but nice
    4 tough

    I liked these as they feel good on the gums and a good handle for gripping.

    By : SAM
    5 Best toothbrush, honestly.

    I received this toothbrush from my dentist also. I searched high & low for the technical, compact head with sensitive bristles. Could not find it anywhere. I would ask my dentist for this one specifically. I explained to him I could not find this style in stores. I just happened to come across this website and found my toothbrush. In my area, online is the only way you're going to get this brush. I ordered 12. I only hope they continue this style for years to come.

    By : renard
    4 Some Things Wrong

    Overall the Gum Compact Soft Toothbrush. The ERgonimic feel is god - The Problem -- the brushes do not fit in a standard toothbrush holder -- I has to find another that only has room for 2 brushes

    By : hael bavers
    3 web site photos

    I was hesitant to order 491PC because photos showed different color bristles on same item. I called and was told colors vary but bristles are all the same on the same model. The 12 brushes I received all have the same color bristles, so your rep was wrong! Your web site photos should correctly represent the product.

    By : Margles
    5 Toothbrush I wanted!

    Small brush, very soft bristles - I came to this site looking specifically for this toothbrush. Much easier to angle around the back teeth than larger brushes - my hygienist is very happy!

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