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Make brush time fun time for children! GUM® Crayola™ Squeeze-A-Color™ Toothpaste, the newest addition to its GUM® Crayola™ line, designed to make tooth brushing a fun and interesting activity for children. Safe for use by children ages 2+, GUM® Crayola™ Squeeze-A-Color™ Toothpaste comes in a variety pack of child-sized tubes with three non-staining colors and three yummy flavors that children can mix and match, making brushing an enjoyable experience and helping build improved oral health.

Yummy Flavors! Each package contains three uniquely colored and flavored fluoride toothpastes - Melon Blast (Red), Blueberry Burst (Blue), Jazzy Apple (Green) - which means more options for every brush or combine them to make a new flavor!

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Three Yummy Flavors!
Three unique, yummy flavors: Jazzy Apple, Juicy Melon and Blueberry Blast 
Small Nozzle Cap
Small nozzle cap helps to dispense just the right amount of toothpaste while reducing the amount of mess left on the bathroom counter.
Dentist Recommended Fluoride
Contains dentist-recommended fluoride to strengthen young teeth.
Three Cool Colors
Three cool colors that kids can mix and match.
Contains three different, fun-flavored, non-staining colors in kid-size tubes. Mix and match to create your own individual flavor.

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Overall Rating:
Number of Reviews: 6
By :
3 Love the dispensing but...

LOVE how the dispenser only releases small amounts and it does not get messy like other tubes of toothpaste however, the tube coating chips and gets everywhere.

By :
5 Finally!!

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank You so much for these fluoride toothpastes!! I have 3 kids and only one of them ever gave me fits about brushing his teeth. I am very serious when I tell you I have gone through just about every toothpaste out there in the market for him to use and he would refuse. I would either have to go back to the toddler toothpaste which has no fluoride or just water. He likes 2 of the 3 flavors in this package and my other kids use any and all of them. I usually buy 2 -3 packages at a time. Thank you again for this wonderful and oh so helpful product!!

By :
3 messy

The kids seem to like this toothpaste, who am I to complain about that. However whatever they paint the tube with does not work, there are little paint chips everywhere.

By :
5 Color me impressed

Very mild flavors allow long brushing time.

By :

My boys LOVE this!!! I just got it, and instantly my boys are fighting to see who can brush their teeth first, BEGGING us to allow them to brush their teeth repeatedly, rather than fighting against even once per day w/ every other brand I have bought. Highly recommended.

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