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GUM® Razzle Dazzle® Toothbrush


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The GUM® Razzle Dazzle® toothbrush is a colorful way to educate your child about the importance of twice daily toothbrushing, the prevention of plaque buildup and the foundations for a lifelong healthy mouth. The GUM® Razzle Dazzle® toothbrush makes toothbrushing fun, easy, and motivating with its colorful design.

The unique angled bristle design of the GUM® Razzle Dazzle® toothbrush cleans between teeth and removes dental plaque and food particles. The toothbrush also features raised-tip bristles to clean the hard-to-reach areas at the back of the mouth. The soft bristles are gentle on gums and teeth. The contoured handle with thumb pad enables a proper technique and precision control.

The GUM® Razzle Dazzle® toothbrush is entertaining for children and comes in four different color designs. Cleaning with the GUM® Razzle Dazzle® toothbrush develops healthy habits early in life by keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy.

A fun and motivating toothbrush for children 5-10 years old! Use GUM® Razzle Dazzle toothbrush twice a day, morning and night to stay on the right course for a lifelong healthy mouth.

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Twice daily toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste helps protect against cavities.
Four colorful Razzle Dazzle® designs motivate frequent brushing, making it more fun and entertaining for children.
Raised-tip bristles clean hard-to-reach teeth at the back of the mouth.
Narrow, tapered head provides comfort in the child’s mouth. Soft comfort-grip handle with thumb pad enables the proper 45 degree angle for optimal and easy cleaning, improving the access to the back teeth.
Super Tip® soft bristles are gentle to the child’s teeth and gums. Ensure maximum safety.

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