GUM® ButlerWeave® Dental Floss

GUM® ButlerWeave® Dental Floss


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Unique woven floss with a fresh, fruity flavor effectively removes plaque between teeth and below the gum line.
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Shred-Resistant Floss.
Unique interlacing process produces a strong, smooth, shred-resistant floss.
fine floss
Ideal for Travel.
Convenient travel size.
Sold in package of one 4 yd. Travel Tub.
Clinically Proven.
Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis and bleeding.*
Available in waxed, unwaxed, and mint waxed.
Recommended by Dental Professionals.
*Data on file.

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Overall Rating:
Number of Reviews: 7
By :
5 But a real short-timer

It would be 5 if it was more than 4 yards!

By :
5 1/3 the floss

Ordered a supply of the Tutti Frutti waxed for the 2nd time. New packaging is easier for tearing the floss, but i was EXTREMELY disappointed it only contains 4 yards of floss. The old style contained 12 yards and is about the same size, so no environmental savings happening here. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home when a placed my order, and hadn't taken note of how much floss was in each package. I will be shopping around for alternative brands before my next floss purchase.
I will say this floss is great for kids. It is hard to find a kid friendly flavored floss. I certainly can't find anything in stores. I hope GUM will rethink their packaging.

By :
5 GUM® ButlerWeave® Dental Floss

Not happy with it.Breaks to easy between teeth. Thought with this design it would be easy to keep in my pocket, which it is but it also runs out a lot quicker than the little white drum looking boxes. Those were still the best and I'm sorry I didn't order those

By :
5 Customer

This is the best floss. I love that is is compact. I thank my dentist for the complimentary floss.

By :
Disgruntled Dentist
5 Unhappy with product change!!

Our practice has been buying and using this product for a long time now. Recently the packaging has changed and the amount of floss has been lowered by 2/3. The price, however, has not deceased by 2/3. In fact the price has only dropped a little over $6. for the 144 ct/box. Really you expect us to pay nearly the same amount for only a 1/3 of the product?!? I cant honestly say this will be a product we continue to buy in the future!

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