GUM® Fine Floss

GUM® Fine Floss


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Thin, shred-resistant floss ideal for tight spaces.
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Ideal for Travel.
Convenient travel size.
Sold in package of one 4 yd. Travel Tub
Shred-Resistant Floss.
Unique interlacing process produces a strong, smooth, shred-resistant floss.
fine floss
Clinically Proven.
Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis and bleeding.*
Available in Waxed, Unwaxed, and Mint Waxed.
Recommended by Dental Professionals.
*Data on file.

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5 GUM Waxed Fine Floss

GUM Waxed Fine Floss is the best floss I have found to floss small lower front teeth as it doesn't slide off like others do.

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5 good stuff

Got this as a freebie and didn't like it much at first. Then I tried it again and decided its ideal because it is so thin that it doesn't get stuck and seems to be good at really stroking the tooth. Does it come in larger spools?

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