Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush

GUM® Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush


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The GUM® Technique® Deep Clean toothbrush has been clinically designed to help you do the cleaning and plaque removal your dental professional recommends so you will enjoy healthy gums and teeth and a great clean-feeling mouth.

The Quad-Grip® handle has a unique design that helps you always hold the brush the way most dental professionals do–at 45 degrees. Whether you are left- or right-handed, brushing upper or lower teeth, the handle intuitively helps you form the 45-degree angle that is more effective at cleaning away the dental plaque from both gums and teeth. This makes sure you have the right dental “technique.”

The bristles of the GUM® Technique® Deep Clean toothbrush are truly different. Their extremely fine taper enables the “deep clean.” The very fine tapered bristle ends are narrower and more flexible than any other bristle design so they can reach deep into the crevices between gums and teeth, as well as farther between the teeth, to remove the disease-causing germs that other brushes leave behind. A bi-level, second layer of bristles in the center of the brush cleans the exposed tooth surfaces.

The GUM® Technique® Deep Clean is no ordinary toothbrush–it is designed to give you that extra edge in the daily battle with dental plaque so your own and your family’s oral health can be everything that you and your dentist want it to be.

Brush twice daily with GUM® Technique® Deep Clean for deep and effective plaque removal between the teeth and beneath the gumline.

Price $3.50

Removes dental plaque and helps prevent the development of tooth decay and gum diseases by cleaning the hard-to-reach areas above, below, and along the gumline and between the teeth.
Independent testing has shown that the uniquely designed tapered bristles reach several times deeper into places where plaque hides compared to normal round-ended bristles.
The unique Quad-Grip® handle helps you brush the most critical areas and enables the bristles to reach the plaque that other brushes leave behind.
The unique tapering of the bristles means that their tips are ultra narrow to squeeze into the crevices where plaque hides and normal bristles cannot reach.
Available as follows:
Full head size with soft texture bristles.
Compact head size with selection of soft or sensitive texture bristles.

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Overall Rating:
Number of Reviews: 95
By :
5 Best ever

I bought this toothbrush in a clearance rack- 2 for a couple bucks. I absolutely love this toothbrush!
My teeth look like they been flossed before I floss them. They feel as clean as if I had use my Sonicare toothbrush. Please do not change this brush. I want to use this type forever!

By :
5 awesome

I got mine at Walgreens. A dual pack. I used it for the first time last night and oh my gosh! It's amazing! It's like having a gum massage. And it gets all the yuckies out of my mouth without making my gums bleed. I am definitely buying more of these tooth brushes!

By :
5 Tooth brusher

This toothbrush is amazing. It's like brushing your teeth with a watercolor paintbrush. The toothpaste foams like a rabid dog, your gums feel like they just came home from a week at the spa.... I am going out to buy all of them I can find before they stop making them so I can brush my teeth with them for the rest of my life.

By :
Nancy Grennon
5 terrific

was giving my first "deep clean" toothbrush at my dentist office. this is the best toothbrush I have ever used. I can feel the extra long bristles under my gum's and the handle is very easy to hold. the only bad part is I cannot find this brush in the stores. I will have to order them online. you hit the jackpot with this design please get them into the stores.

By :
5 Perio solution

By far the best toothbrush I have ever used. My pockets have gone from 6mm/8 mm to 4mm/5mm in just 6 months. I just can't find this toothbrush at the local stores!

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