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Health and Beauty by Tamsen Fadal

I always do my best to personify the aura of a Bond Girl! Don’t know her? I would love for you to meet her. She is the girl who made James Bond fall to his knees. So, what does it take to be as stunning as a Bond Girl? You don’t need to be a movie star to be gorgeous; instead, just use a few of these beauty tricks to take command of any man! It’s not hard to have "come hither" eyes, soft, sexy skin and a sassy smile.
Drink plenty of water and get your beauty sleep! Make sure you use an amazing moisturizer and have a facial every 6 to 8 weeks.
White teeth are a must. We all love our daily fix of java, but if coffee is staining your teeth, make sure you get them whitened. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this process, drugstore brand whitening strips can often do the trick. Make sure you’re brushing 4 minutes a day to help brush plaque away and be sure to replace your toothbrush once every three months.
Morning breath is excusable. But, there is no excuse for having bad breath when you are out on a date, dancing close or snuggling with your honey. Sunstar’s unique dual-action tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath and is a great tool to add into your daily routine. Sunstar also makes PerioBalance, a daily dental probiotic mint-flavored lozenge that helps balance bacteria in your mouth and fights plaque build-up and bad breath. Mint leaves, lemon, clove and parsley are some quick remedies if you need to get rid of bad breath fast.
It’s all in the eyes. They really do tell a lot about a woman. If you wear makeup, make sure you don’t cake on the concealer. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman’s eyes crack every time she cracks a smile. To avoid this look, make sure you use a gentle concealer to eliminate any under-eye circles and add brightness to your face. When your eyes pop, it can literally take 5 years off your look. And, don’t get crazy with eye shadow, a little goes a long way. Unless you are going out for the night and looking to give yourself a dramatic look, use neutral colors that don’t look too harsh. Finally, we have saved the best for lash! A few "individual" eyelashes on the corners of each eye can do wonders for your look. The lashes will open up your face and make you look brighter.
Long hair is great, but it can be a turn-off if it’s over processed or unnatural looking. Trim your hair regularly and make sure and get thee to a salon if your grays are a little too overbearing. So, take care of yourself and your loved one will take care of you.
About Tamsen
Tamsen Fadal is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, an author, date coach and image consultant. She hosts the morning news in New York, and has also appeared as a guest on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and several other programs.

Celebrate Love A Fresh New Way

We recently conducted a poll among the women we work with at The Love Consultants to find out what women really want when it comes to love.

Here are some creative ideas to show your sweetheart how much you care:

  1. Her own personal "Iron Chef." A meal prepared by a date or spouse is often desired, but seldom done. This request also falls under the most popular trend we’ve identified of "doing something simple but special for a loved one." Just remember, if you are going to partake in the red wine, it is key to "whiten up" afterwards. You can even top off your meal with an espresso, but make sure you stay true to your pearls. It’s so passé to spend a lot of money on this process; instead make sure you brush for at least 4 minutes a day to keep the plaque at bay, and don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 3 months: Proper Brushing/Flossing.
  2. Something original and heartfelt. The number one reply was for a gift from the heart, not bought in a store. Everything from a note left on the pillow explaining how much you are desired to a scrapbook of special events spent together. The key here is that it should be simple, honest and above all…original.
  3.  Exotic dark chocolates. These are always a favorite, but steer clear of the dusty old sampler boxes and seek out the truly unique and delectable varieties. Women were unanimous in their delight over something sweet and decadent. Remember if you are going to eat sugar, Sunstar GUM’s unique dual-action tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath and is a great tool to add to your daily routine. Sunstar GUM also makes PerioBalance, a daily dental probiotic mint-flavored lozenge that helps balance bacteria in your mouth, and fights plaque build-up and bad breath.
  4. Spa days. A little pampering is at the top of every woman’s list. If you do your homework, you can often find good deals on spa packages and don’t forget to scour the coupon sites for even deeper discounts. Schedule something late in the morning or early in the afternoon so there will be plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day together.
  5. Surprise get-aways. A ticket to anywhere with that special someone received a hefty 35% of the votes. Gain extra points for having every second of the trip planned in advance; the women polled expressed major attraction for a man who is willing to take charge. Throw a few travel toothbrushes in your bag and you will be ready to go just about anywhere he has in mind.



How to Stay in your Best Shape Possible


Here are five quick ways to ensure that you treat your body right, without depriving yourself in the meantime.



I’m not talking about a trip to Macy’s. I’m talking about a trip down the aisles of your friendly neighborhood grocery store. You can’t start a healthy diet without stocking up your fridge. Spend time in the fresh produce department (but skip the spuds and load up on greens). Buy plenty of water (soda is a no-no; you’d be surprised how many of your daily calories come from soda even diet varieties). Pack plenty of protein into your cart (like chicken, fish, beans and low-fat cheeses). Remember also to brush after every meal; it will do wonders for your breath and appetite. Plus, GUM has a great selection of interdental brushes to keep you fresh between brushes if you are out and about.



It may sound crazy, but grab a stack of Post-it notes to motivate you until you get into a routine. Put them all over your apartment, in your calendar, on your bathroom mirror, and on the fridge. Make sure you can’t miss them. Write yourself messages like: "Get Moving," "Go to the Gym" and "Eat Right." It really works!



The best thing you can do to make sure you feel good this summer in a sleek little two-piece is to make sure you get moving. It doesn’t matter if you walk or run. Lace up your sneakers and go! It’s even better if you recruit a friend to join you. That way, on days when you’re less motivated, she can serve as your conscience!



Or, if you do, make sure your plate wasn’t overflowing with food. Be sure you have plenty of protein at every meal, lots of greens and limited carbs. Protein can cause your breath to be a little ripe, so check out these amazing products to get your tongue super clean in case your honey wants a little kiss before bedtime.



That’s right! It’s okay to have a treat every day, but you must limit yourself. Don’t eat an entire candy bar; instead, opt for one mini Hershey bar (and YES, you must stop at one!). If chocolate is not your thing, have a few marshmallows to satisfy that sweet tooth. The thing about sweets is the more you eat, the more you crave; once you start curbing your cravings, they’ll disappear. We all know sugar can take a toll on your teeth, so brush away any sign of it with the GUM Deep Clean Toothbrush.


This year, instead of having 10 pounds to lose before bikini season (which is not far off!) following these tips can help prevent you from gaining them in the first place.

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